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Are your teams fluent in C-Speak?

Whether it’s escalating obstacles or reporting results (and everything in between), executive conversations can be among the most difficult to carry out.

ESI’s new course, Communicating Up teaches and enforces the skills necessary for communicating up-stream while increasing confidence, influence and organizational credibility.

Before stepping inside the classroom, students learn new concepts through two online modules that cover everything from The Importance of Awareness to Executive Stature and Leadership Presence. Because they can do the modules anywhere, at any point, before in-class training, they’ll spend less time away from work and reduce training expenses.

Once in class, students spend two days on interactive discussions and role-play exercises. No lectures—ample time to exchange insights with peers and to increase your mastery through practice.

Exercises include:

Training by lecture or slide decks won’t produce the results you want, certainly not when it comes to communicating with your most important stakeholders. ESI’s Communicating Up will give your teams the prep they need to engage and influence as soon as they return to work.

By the time students leave the course they will be able to:

Through this course, students can earn valuable PDUs and see the immediate impact that effective communication can have:

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